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Surgical needles

Surgical wound needles are a part of our needle assortment. We offer our customers eyelet needles with a wide variety of diameters, lengths, cross-sections and shapes. Both normal eyelet and spring eyelet needles are available. Our surgical wound needles are made of stainless steel and are suitable for a wide range of medical applications.

Drainage needles, Redon needles

Our drainage and redon needles enable the drainage of wound secretion during drainage.

Tungsten needles

We manufacture tungsten electrosurgical needles and electrodes with a tip radius smaller than 0.005 mm (5my). Our electrochemical process guarantees extremely tight tolerances for small and large production runs.

Surgical suture materials

Our thread-needle combination of silk and polyester are mainly used in dental medicine.

Silk is a natural material that is characterized by its soft structure. This results in a better knot fit, more comfortable handling and excellent glide.

The synthetic production of the polyester thread prevents capillarity and the resulting transmission of germs. The material composition adds a very high knot tensile strength and optimal glide.

Atraumatic needles

As surgical wound needles, we also offer atraumatic needles with channel, pocket or drilled.

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Surgical Needles & Suture

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